I was never an art student. And while I tried (with no success) a few different attempts at music, I found out quickly I had little talent beyond listening. So when I came home with a camera I got on sale at my job as a teenager (Circuit City, RIP), I think it surprised some people. DSLR cameras had become more and more affordable, and the excellent camera phones we have today were still a decade off. I feel it was a case of right time, right place, and a foolish young adult with disposable income.

Fast forward more than a decade and I can say I’ve enjoyed taking photos more than I ever expected. You’ll see throughout the site that I’ve dabbled in landscape, portraits, travel photography, among other oddities here or there. I wouldn’t ever say I stop trying to capture new things because that would mean I wasn’t learning anymore.

If you’re interested in me for an event or occasion, I am available for hire by request. I accept and decline opportunities as my schedule and interest fits. You can contact me at

Enjoy the photos.