45 days with the Grilla Grilla Grill: Part 1.

Less than two months ago, I decided what was most missing from my life is an obsession over constant temperature, a small lit fire, and taking way too long to cook a meal for someone. Of course, if you're a rationale person that's probably what traditional low and slow cooked BBQ means to you. For me, it was a return to a passion. 

Pellet grills are not new, to me or to the world. Traeger is probably the brand most people are familar with but the concept for all pellet grills is the same: A computer monitors temperature and uses an auger to turn wood pellets (compressed sawdust) into a firepit at an interval that keeps temperature steady. The end effect is similar to (or nearly impossibly indistingruishable) the results of slow cooked bbq from traditional wood log burning smokers in which a pitmaster babysits all night and day regulating temperature. It is, a lazy-mans bbq

So when I went out on a limb and spent over $1000 on a brand new pellet smoker (plus accessories) without every laying my raw eyes and hands on it, you (or my wife) might think me crazy. 

A few things to get out of the way before we dig into the "review":

Disclaimer #1: I have absolutely nothing to do with Grilla Grills, the maker of the pellet grill I am reviewing. I have never been to Holland, Michigan. I have never met Mark Graham, Shane Draper, an actual gorilla, or anyone who works for Grilla Grills. The thoughts below are entirely my own with zero bias and likely lots of ignorance.  In now way, is anything said below, an endorsement for you (random internet person) to purche any product discussed. You are entirely on your own! 

Disclaimer #2: I am not a world-class pit smoking BBQ champion, nor am I a complete dunce who has never lifted a spatula. I am happily, somewhere in-between. My review may be filled with incomplete thoughts, completely wrong "facts", or something you may disagree with. You can always email me at pleasedontbother@gmail.com if you have any complaints.

Anywho... onto the review...

Research, Research, Research...

I don't spend my money lightly. In no way am I a penny pincher, if anything I throw dollars around without much care, but I don't like to purchase something without due diligence. Mentally, I feel me purchasing thing is almost ENDORSING the product as the right solution to a problem. It's a slight obsession compulsion.

I spent about three months researching pellet grills before I pulled the trigger. And i'm not talking casually Googling reviews. While I'll spare you the details for every grill I looked at, I have physically touched the following: The entire Green Mountain Grills lineup, every Traeger, Camp Chef, Pit Boss, Louisanna Grill, Cabelas branded (pretty sure thats just Camp Chef) available in the North Alabama area, as well as poked the brain of every semi-pro pitboss I have ever gotten to know in a half dozen years of Whistlestop experience on what they thought. So to buy something without ever seeing it, touching it, or smelling the sawdust burn in required an extra-level of nearly internet stalking level of research on its history, manufacturing, quality and functions. 

Grilla Grills Grilla or just call it "OG" cause that's way easier...

So I settled, after all this research, on a brand not available anywhere other than traversing the 10 hour drive to Holland Michigan. Why? Why uh, run that risk when likely any local pellet grill available nearby would deliver likely similar results.... No lie: They convinced me that they really cared about what they were doing.

There are ALOT of videos on Grilla Grills website. It's clear they're putting some serious effort into presenting the product they make professionally. It smells like good advertising and that's where all the money is going.